Monday, December 29, 2008

Two Urban Licks

Christmas Round One...The Coles

We gathered in Dallas, GA...ate a massive brunch...C.J. helped us all open presents...took naps and ventured to our NOT usual Japanese dinner. We chose to cruise to the ATL and enjoy dinner at TWO URBAN LICKS. Jake and I had been a few times...and loved it so we decided to share it with the fam...actually we talk about it every time we are all at our house but have never made it down there (only 45 minutes away). On that Saturday night it was not packed (yeah) and too warm for the art gas fire structure that we were seated right in front of (boo)! ! ! We all enjoyed our delicacies...and Patrick learned a great lesson...Just order the fillet!

The Valentine Quilt

And she loved it!

Susan's Valentine Quilt mother in law...put in an early request for her Christmas present...She wanted me to make her another for each holiday. So I whipped one up one for the next Big Holiday that she'd be decorating for (and I mean right down to hearts on the toliet paper).

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

C.J.'s "BEAR"

C.J. and "Bear" have been hanging out a lot the last few days (but he takes Emily the train to slept with at night?). He brought me Bear yesterday and said "Momma, Bear shoow wee. Clean diaper." So I had to put a diaper on Bear. Bear gets fed whatever snack C.J. is eating, likes to ride with C.J. on his busy bee and gets offered a pacifier? I hope Bear is not expecting anything from Santa?

My Quilt

I finished my quilt yesterday! There were enough samples that matched up to make the boarder while C.J. napped yesterday and I went through my linen closet to see what I had to line it with...I found a mattress pad cover not in it is pretty thick. I washed it and wrapped up in it last night on the couch!

Polo Shirt Pillows

Last year I made my husband a pillow out of his no longer wearable due to stains polo work shirts. This year I made him one out of his stained Polo shirts (hmmm$75.00 per shirt times 3....equals a VERY expensive lounging pillow). These are super soft lounging or travel pillows. Simply cut out the stains and sew!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

New Quilt Shop

I found a NEW-TO-ME quilt shop in town...she had a BY THE POUND sample sale (tons of Heather Bailey Pop Garden & BiJoux fabric....EEEEKKKKKK...I was sooooo excited! ! !) last week and I wanted to buyer her out! ! ! I could not put it away until after Christmas...I had to start some quilt tops. The samples are all the same I simply laid them out and started sewing. I am making myself a quilt...Happy upcoming 30th Birthday to side is PINKS the other side is REDS and I am going to egde it in TURQUOISE and YELLOW. I am so excited I can wait to finish it and have my own soft eye candy quilt to wrap up in on the couch! ! !

Christmas Brooches

Wow...I've made over 50 Christmas stocking stuffer the past few weeks.

Friday, December 19, 2008

50th Heart Winner

My 50th heart winner...happened to be a loyal customer! She choose a custom snowboarding penguin shirt for her daughter to wear this winter! Enjoy! And thank you!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Where are you?

We are running in and out of cardiologists offices...Jake had a stress test and an ECHO yesterday (on Wednesday) he had a nuclear stress test...9 appoints in the last 3 weeks...what is wrong!?!?!?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Merry Christmas From Avery

Yes this is our 4-legged daughter...Avery. I let her borrow my new Christmas minky scarf (that I made yesterday) for her Christmas photos. She is 4 years old now and actually let me take 30 pictures of her this morning...VOGUE...sorry they didn't make it into the Christmas cards this year...that is why she is getting her own 30 seconds of Christmas blog time. She said send ham if you are sending her anything.

3T Pajamas

Dear MeMe and Big Daddy,

Thank you for MY new 3T pajamas. While I do look cute in them I keep asking mom to take them know I don't like to wear clothes.


New Firetruck

Dear Nana and Papa,

Thank you for my new birthday firetruck! I drive it every 5 minutes. Mom has almost taught me to turn it off when I get up!


Thursday, December 11, 2008

2nd Birthday in Color

And C.J.'s 2nd Birthday in Color...a few favs...

2nd Birthday in Black & White

A ballfield friend of ours Dawn Eison did C.J.'s 2nd birthday pictures on his actual was 36 degrees outside. Black and White are my favorites...these round out the top 5. (Dawn's link is to the right)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

C.J.'s 2nd BDay Party

The tailgate birthday party was cold and warm...30 degrees and warm with friends....CHEESE! C.J. had a good time...he was exhausted...we thought he'd fall asleep in his cake...but he made it. Notice the football cake I made...not so pretty...I like to sew NOT decorate cakes...but I want to make C.J.'s birthday I don't really care what they look like...I can tell him...I made it for you! It was yummy...C.J. liked it. ;)