Thursday, January 28, 2010


I hit up the new Goodwill in town last night...hoping to look less mommyish...and throw some color into my 4 million black turtle neck sweater mix...the looks below are...where I am headed...I hadn't used this Flickr feature before...And I wish I could have compiled the looks...but you can't...

I came home and threw into the hot washing machine...
-1 brown fleece jacket cause I already have black
-1 light purple Gap 3/4 turtleneck sweater
-1 black cashmere Gap cardigan with fancy buttons
-1 black and gold short night shirt
-1 black and purple short night shirt
-1 brown...sweater...with a cool neck

$30.00 let's mix it up.

Wide Leg Pants

Originally uploaded by lorimarsha
I don't care about your skinny jeans...I love wide leg pants...

Purple Sash

and again...I want to try it...but...will I?


I like it...but I'm pretty sure I'd change out of it right before we left for a date...

Like it

Originally uploaded by alli_lucy
I'm not into the shoes...but I like the rest...


Originally uploaded by fmstatic76
I love ruffles...and well I like the whole get up...for date night...


Originally uploaded by Wearabouts Town
I want to try the boots does Britt so back off...

I have the shirt

Originally uploaded by Wearabouts Town
so I think I can pull this off...I really want to try the belt ontop...

Classy all Wrapped Up

Originally uploaded by Wearabouts Town
Like this...cause...I just do...

Simple and Sweet

Originally uploaded by Wearabouts Town
Love this...for running errands...or date night or dinner...

Short Over Long

Short Over Long
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Great for church or a date night...or work...if I had a job...or baby shower...

Denita's Quilt

This is WAYYYYYYY past due...but I was finally relaxed enough to start it on Tuesday...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cheap Snapfish Pics...LAST DAY! Hurry!

Freebies 4 Mom posted a great deal...and I just completed my order minutes ago...ordering my Disney pics from our trip in October check a New Years Resolution off my list...and make the Disney scrapbook...

My total...101 pictures...for $6.40 this included GA taxes and shipping!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Taking Off...

Let's get this in the mail...


A cousin by marriage, Anthony, had just returned home from a mission trip to Haiti. Was home about 11 hours before the quake.

If you would like to donate to the disaster relief efforts 100% of donations will go to Haiti. Son Light Orphanage and Nutrition Center in Port Au Prince.

Mail checks to:
Estes Church of Christ
P.O.Box 191
Henderson, TN 38340

Write for "Haiti Disaster Relief".

Sometimes your donation gets gobbled up in "administration costs", this will not be the case here.

One of my aunts wrote on the family website:
"He left yesterday to fly to Miami, and be onboard a plane with Missionaries International, who do have permission to come NOW back to Haiti. Along with him will be a structural engineer, 2 construction contractors and 2 other burly men for toting and fetching. Anthony and the others are bringing Satellite phones and enough supplies for themselves and the Orphanage for two weeks. With the SAT phones, hopefully other needs can be relayed back to Tennessee where a well established team of contacts will help the elders and others decide what to do next.

The orphanage has now 31 children. One died when the security wall they built last year, of necessity, collapsed during the earthquake. The purpose of this trip is to assess the damage, come up with a way to repair or replace the security wall around the orphanage and the adjoining house that the orphanage owns and uses for a guest/worker house. Other considerations are for making the best living situation possible for the children and babies under the care of this program, Son Light Orphanage.

The 40 foot shipping container of baby and childrens supplies will be sent only when the security wall is there, for the safety of the children from looters, etc.

Anthony is very humbled by the offers of help, takes no interest in his own name being out there, just happened to be in the right place like Esther of the Old Testament, and has been called "for such a time as this" with the right contacts and a way to do what seems to others as impossible. I so appreciate his humility and love him, Beth and the boys for the sacrifices they have already made and are continuing to make."

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Piece or a Slice

Ready to ship...

Rocketship in the Make

Alright...perhaps this will help...
Step 1 lay it out...

Step 2 iron and piece and shape...

Step 3 Try a new scrappy edging...

Now are you feeling my Rocketship pillow?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Shoot me to the Banana Moon...

Tonight we took a redbox movie back to Kroger...C.J. said "dada look at the banana moon!" Which leads into my next project at hand...a custom scrappy rocketship pillow...Can you see it yet?

Good Day Sunshine!

Breakfast with friends at Chickfila...

And a hike up the Mt. in the sunshine...

Climbing on the rocks...

Picnicing in the sunshine...

A Beautiful Day here in the Metro!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pizza Shirts

Working on a custom order of Pizza's making me hungry...good thing hubbie is making pancakes and bacon for supper.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Etsy Shop

All prices have been slashed in my ETSY shop...more items will be added over the next few jump on over and take a look around...perhaps a birthday is coming up and you need a one of a kind gift to give...

Friday, January 15, 2010

Valentine Feature

Looks like I was featured for a Valentine craft...check out the newest...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jan 7, 2010

And one week ago snowed a bit. Just a bit. Not enough for a snowman or snow angel or even a snowball. And it hung around for odd here in the North Metro Atlanta area.

Jan 2007 2008 2009

3 years ago today...we took 5 week old C.J. on his first outing...

To the GA Boat Show...

2 years ago today...I took pictures of C.J. for the Valentine cards...

1 year ago was cold and we painted...

American Idol

I must husband watched this show American Idol long before I ever did...for his sake...I am throwing myself in full force this season...and last night had me laughing out loud! I didn't really like Mary J Blige until last night...I was laughing with her and at her...

The amazing "Pants on the Ground" Song...incase you missed it:

Pants On The Ground Song

And ATL...please listen to this dear old man...his words are true.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010

Yesterday...we started off with an old school cookbook...looking for a blueberry muffin recipe...

Check...and we whipped some up...

And scarfed them down...

And with a bee in my bonnet...I decided to conquer the birthday/Christmas toys overloaded need of a quick get the loveseat out and the slide/swing...then shifty shift some things around and put all toys in a place they can call home...Check! C was so excited! He couldn't wait to show Jake when he got home.

Another view...tonight...perhaps hubbie will help me move the loveseat and swing/slide into the garage and attic.
And carrying on today...I took down the Christmas tree...!!! Don't worry its not too late...I'd told hubbie I wasn't taking it down until my birthday...which isn't for a few more weeks...

Friday, January 8, 2010

401K = Many Shirts

What? Yeah...I've been working on Jake's 401K today...researching Mutual all the shirts...are still laying on my kitchen table waiting to be sewn.

And I made a new button...see it..."Considering Adoption?" This is my friend Holly. She is starting her own Adoption Profile spread the word...cause we all know someone facing infertility...its an epidemic!!! I would know right ;) Absolutely I am one of them. Holly has 2 beautiful adopted children and her heart is ready to help others find children for their families.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Folding Towels

Ok PROUD Mommy moment! ! ! C.J. is actually folding the wash clothes...not that I usually fold them...I usually throw them in a basket by our towels...anyway...he can fold!!! Bring on the chores!!!

(And yes the Christmas decor is still up...he likes it ok...)

Not so "Perfect Brownie" Pan

Yep I'm the brownie girl...I don't even really like brownies...but the tailgaters/friends/ my brownies. So it would seem natural that I should ask for a "Perfect Brownie" Pan for Christmas. My wish was granted. And I wanted to try some brownies that I too...might actually I tried the Marble Cheesecake Brownies right out of the book that came with the pan...and followed the directions to a T. Here they go in yesterday...

C.J. helped mix them and then wanted the oven light on so he could see them baking and kept talking about how he could smell them and they smelled like chocolate...and he wanted one...boy he was EXCITED!

Then the timer went off and I took them out...and let them cool a little like the book said...then tried to take the divider out...ummm what? Why are they not done and running all over the place?

So I put them in the fridge like it says...

Apparently these never get cake-y...after chilling they do firm up. Jake and C.J. love not so much. Ug...well I'm so glad Britt is the cookie girl...she makes the best cookies...(and Suzanne makes the best rice krispy treats and Susan makes the best cupcakes and Mom makes the best pumpkin pie...and Cassie makes the best...trail mix.)