Friday, July 31, 2009

Tammy's Quilt Finished

Alrighty...last night I made the border...

Today...I made the quilt motioned on some circles or polka dots and then free motioned the border on.

Happy Quilt Day Tammy !

It has rained off and on all I have not been able to take pictures of the quilt outside on the fence like I usually show the true colors. I am still loving my new sewing machine!!!

The free motion circles were not my idea...I saw it on Audrieee:

Picnic Blanket

Salad Dream

Last night I had a funny dream. We were at camp...and I was making a salad for me and my friend Britt...she said "I'm going down to the cafeteria, I'll be back in a minute" She came back and set out a 9 x 13 pan...reached down in her bag and pulled out a bag of pink popcorn

She dumped it in the pan. Next she pulled out a bag of cotton now how you can squish it together and it forms a ball...she did that and then crumbed it like cheese onto the popcorn...

Then the walks over to my plate pulls off 3 leaves of arugula and places them on top of her concoction...

Then she pops the top on a can of Sprite...and pours it over her "salad" like dressing.

She took a bite and we all started laughing...she laughed and jokingly said "what, my salad is prettier than's pink" We rolled.

Let's just say Britt is a pick eater...and this was so Britt...

What does this dream mean? I thought about it all day...I love sweets when I am preggie, I bake something almost everyday?...and so I think it means she should play the let's have a baby game again...and it will be A girl (just one not twins again)...with a green bow in her hair. i'm just can even name her Abigail.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tammy's Quilt Back

The front is all sewn together...

and I'm laying out the back...kinda...lighter to darker from the middle going both ways?

Healthy-er Choices

Adding healthier foods into your diet is not easy or I have been trying some here and there...I hate spending the money on something SUPER HEALTHY and then it tastes really gross. So lets share yummy and yucky.

1st up...Ole High Fiber, no sugar, Tortillas (12g in one tortilla!!!) Super wonderful! Soft and they do not taste funny at ALL! Use them for Breakfast: scrambled eggs with deli ham and cheese breakfast roll ups....Use them for lunch: turkey and coleslaw wraps with a dash of your fav salad dressing...Use them for supper: my sister Cassie's chicken enchiladas.

2nd in line: Michael Seasons Baked Cheetos like chips...they taste light...not in a bad way. This bag is 6 ounces! What! They were $2.50! So be healthy and use portion control.

3nd in line...Omega 3, Flax Seed, chocolate chunk cookies...I tossed the bag and put them in a tubberware box...they are on the dry side with a slight coconut flavor...but eatible...I will buy them again...they settle the cookie monster that lives inside of cream is not my hang up...I'm a cookie then cake or pie kind of girl.

And breads...I'm trying all of the high fiber, no sugar, whole wheat breads...some are good...some taste like fish oil.

What healthy foods do you like?...please don't tell me about raw fruits and veggies...I am growing a patio full of yes I eat those too.

Why healthy choices? Ummm its just good to do and we're still trying to have another baby (for like 19 months now)...and my super awesome doc is telling might be PCOS...Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome...but bloodwork on Friday will be VERy telling. And I keep feeling like I want to go running...I guess I old cross country days are calling my name...hmmm.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kaffe Front

Last night...I laid out and have almost finished sewing the top of Tammy's Kaffe Quilt...I should finish it this a.m. after a quick run to the library for toddler time. I love those polka dots! I am thinking...stripes on the back. (C.J. is laying in the "run way"...he kept asking if he could run down the run way...of course I let him.)

Every Quilt

And every quilt needs a bag to be carried in right?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy Scrappy Give-A-Way? ! ? !

Look what the Twitter cat drug in: Unbelievable ah! ! ! Really? Me oh my...drooling... Marie-Madeline Studios is giving this quilt AWAY! What? Yeah I know...I could not part with this lovely if I'd made it. It is just too much yummy Jennifer Paganelli fabric all happily placed for me to GIVE AWAY! Ok...but you can try and win it too...jump over from their Marie-Madeline button on the right.

Ladies you are FAB! Crazy...but Fab. This quilt is gorgeous! ! !

Monday, July 27, 2009

Hey Britt, It's Ready!

My helper...helped me do everything tonight...we laid the quilt out...pinned the boarder on...he pulled the thread behind the sewing machine...and then he helped me take pictures...and even asked if I'd take his picture. Wow...with such a good helper its a wonder I even finished this quilt!

Baby Quilt Progress!

Oh are a life saver. Super smooth free motion quilting...I finished that part let's make that border and sew it on...tonight!

It's a Kenmore! ! !

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! for all of your help and suggestions. I really could not see myself spending $600-$800-1200 for a machine when a $300 or $400 might do the trick for me...after all I think I was doing pretty darn good free motioning with my old Simplicity. I simply consider myself to be an advanced beginner. And so...I read and looked online and saw that Sears Kenmore machines are made by Janome...and decided to go with a non-brand name machine. I bought my new machine today at Sears on sale plus $15.00 off. It is just a simple Computerized Kenmore with 110 stitches, it has a needle threader and wow all that is a step up so YEAH! I did have to buy the open toe foot my total right at $300.00 with a 1 year warranty and 1 free cleaning and servicing. I've given it only this little test run on the blue sandwiched material and it is quiet and smooth. So YEAH...I have got to go sew now. TTFN.

Ps...I even had brain fart today driving home...oh yeah duh...I have a sewing is being used in the guest/art bedroom as the bedside table...oh boy I drug that thing down stairs so fast when I got more sewing on my wiggly card table.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sewing/Quilting Machine Hunt

Ok the sewing/free motion quilting machine HUNT has begun…though it could last until January…who knows. I do like a great deal…so running out to buy something that I have not researched…is not going to happen. Thus, Thank you for your helpful info…the list so far is all over the place and my notes are added to the notes you sent me…so please don’t quote me:

Monique: Viking Quilters Edition Sapphire 870
Mary Sewing Geek: Janome QC
Diane: White or Necchi
Crazy Mom Quilts: Juki TL-98Q
Quilters Buzz: Bernina Virtuosa 153 Quilters Edition
Film in the Fridge: PFAFF hobby 1200
One Potato: Janome Jem Gold/ JUKI / Bernina 440 QE
Sew Mama Sew: Janome 4612
Wee ButterCup: Bernina Activa 145
Bari J: Pfaff Creative 7570 or Bernina/stitch regulator
Oh Cherry Sew: Bernette 66
Cara: Janome 660
Cakeclothing: Bernina White Pearl (special ed Activa 230) / Janome

Friday at the ATL ZOO

Brittany & I finally took our new membership ($70 for one ID card and you can always bring a friend for under 3 are free...the math is $35.00 each for a year I call your best mom friend and get one and you can take your lunch & parking is free in Grant Park) to the Atlanta Zoo out for a test drive...we'd been waiting for it not to be soooo hot...and while it was 90 when we left at was very shaded, thus very comfortable (no sunscreen required). C.J. had not been at all...I had not been since elementary we both learned a few things.

Getting all 3 boys to look at the same time for a pic is impossible

Look I'm in a pic!

A new record I'm in 2 pics...

Ok these are actually comments heard while all the adults were just laughing..."that is very uncomfortable for those turtles" "look Mom, that turtle is trying to get up on that other turtle"

Hey Britt, you made it in a pic too!

G-Parents please remember you can click on the pics for a closer view.

Oh and finally after toting my sewing machine all over the south trying to get someone to fix it...dropped it off on the way home at the Sewing Center of Atlanta...on Barrett Parkway. They said I might get it back on Tuesday! Please Please Please Please! ! ! I am soooo far behind.