Monday, August 31, 2009

Alys Beach

If you are ever in Panama City Beach Florida...(which they have cleaned up quite a bit since my college days) over and eat at The Old Florida Fish House...yummy...they have a few dishes that have made their way into Southern Living Magazine. But wait there's more...please plan ahead on this evening and stop for a photo session in Alys Beach or the Villages of South Walton Beach...When you start seeing cobble stone streets and white are almost there...

There is a white playground on the right side of the road...go after 6:00 p.m. (or before 10:00 a.m.) and take a few amazing pictures...

Park Here...

and please try not to drool when you walk in...

Want to drool a bit the 4 minute Alys Beach Video or view their pictures
Alys Beach Website

And as on the pics for a closer view.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Free Pictures

A code from Sue Rodman 40FREE

And a code from my inbox 50FREE (expires Sept 2, 2009)

I don't know how much shipping is...though I'll let you know in a day or two when I order my make cards...its been a while.

UPDATE....about $5.00 for tax and I'll stick wait for Walgreens to have one of their one hour pick up sales 50 for $5.00...

SECOND Walgreens code CATCH is good for 50 prints $00.10 each through Sept 5th, 2009 and ordering more than 50 are still $00.10 each...

Monday, August 24, 2009

See you in a few...

I'm on a sewing break...toes in the the good life...all Thanks to Tammy Smith break...Have a goooood week ladies.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My 1st Disappearing 9 Patch Quilt

Remember...this is easy...

Sew 9 together...Then cut a plus sign...

Lay out as you wish...

Sew back together...

Total Randomness...and it looks like it took 100 hundred years.

Dear Mom,

Thanks for keeping Avery and letting us borrow your car. I made you this table runner...cause I know you love a pretty table.


Fabrics are one Moda Blossom Charm pack and vintage feedsack cloth.

Hey Lady Belle... is a sneak peak for your birthday...this is in the planning stages...and is heading into production today...and will become disappearing 9 smaller and choppier like Moms table runner...

H B Lady Belle

How about we go to the beach for your birthday? ! ? ! ?

And I'll make you another white powdered donut cake...

I love you!

Have fun packing.

A Quick Fix

Alright...I bought this shirt/dress (like long enough to wear with capri jeans but too long for shorts and too short to wear as a dress for my long legs) at the thrift store back in the spring...waiting to wear it as a maternity shirt?...and pulled it out as a swimsuit cover up. I thought it needed pepping last night I removed its dingy tangly white tie...and added a pretty pink ribbon. And decided to add a little I traced the triangle area cut 2 pieces of fabric a little bit bigger that the triangle...sewed them right sides together...turned it wrong side out and sewed it into the shirt/dress. Easy peasy...and then I sewed the pocket back on my white summer sweater...that has been safety pinned on since March...TTFN

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

GT Scrimmage

Here is one of the biggest little Georgia Tech fans in town.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

C.J. at the GT bookstore

Jake took C.J. to the GT bookstore after the scrimmage this a.m.

I hope he didn't buy him these.

On Tap

J is taking C to the Georgia Tech scrimmage this a.m. so I am lining up my sewing projects for the day:

Make a table runner for J out of disappearing 9 patches...(Moda Blossoms fabric and an old feed sack cloth)

Yes these are my first attempt at these...and wow I love them!!!

Add this brown edging to this Heather Bailey Quilt:

Cut out this quilt for B (Black and White with a "Splash" of color) Maybe I'll have it ready by Splash...but I doubt it:

Cut out this quilt for D (Hey D this is Moda Glace! ! !):

And start my new fertility meds so that we can have a chubby healthy happy baby boy that I deliver full term (all wishful thinking)...please pray for me...that it won't upset my stomach.

Painted my Daisy Heart Out

Have you tried one of these little paint a canvas classes yet? I was scheduled to go this coming week on Tuesday night(August 18th) with some girlfriends...but somebody forgot it was somebody's birthday I think we are rescheduling...None the less...C and I went to mom and dad's this week and she had signed me up for one on Thursday I went by myself in downtown Wetumpka.

(Don't let the name fool you its nothing bad...) Their site:
Wetumpka After Dark

Loved it! Just as mom suspected I would. The painting we were looking at was this...

But mine turned out like this...

I like the more Pop Art/Folk Art I went HEAVY on my black accents and kept my flowers...awake? And painted my taped off lines black too.

Thank you Mom!

Ps. This is a great Christmas present idea (for me).

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tiny Red Floral Dress

This is a custom Etsy order...the smallest dress I've made so far...size 6 months. Jake and I are afraid that it is going to a UGA fan. So I had C.J. hold it while wearing his jersey so she knows how we stand on this issue. (and no C.J. doesn't match...I just bought him that gold jersey and those yellow shorts he wanted to wear them together of course.)(Great Deal alert: Nike Toddler Jerseys UGA and GT for $12.99 at TJMAXX versus $25-$50 at the bookstore, and non-Nike UGA ones were $7.99)