Monday, June 29, 2009

Brainy Baby 50% SALE ! ! !

As you all may know by Mother-in-law works for Brainy Baby...and they have a major deal...50% off everything! ! !...and if you spend over $49.00 you also get free shipping. Recap...regular cost $100.00 your cost is $50.00 and free shipping! This is a super great deal if you have a baby on the way or an upcoming baby shower to attend. The items pictured are a few of mine and C.J.'s favorites.

You need the code to get the deal: Sun09

Brainy Baby Website Link Click Here

The Sugar Hill Gang

Friday...C.J. went to spend the night with Nana and Papa. Jake ventured to the Braves game with the guys...I went to AthFest with Cas and Pat (we ate a Last resort! ! ! Rockville D-lish)

Nothing like playing outside in your jammas...on your new scooter and helmet.

Early Birthday party for Jake...with his fav: cookie cake.

At the Gwinnett Braves Game Saturday night with Papa.

Hotdog anyone?

We 3 Jeffords.

The Sugar Hill Gang.

Life in LA

We were living the good life Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs in LA (lower Alabama). And well after posting the can see it was pretty hot...always 5 degrees hotter than Atlanta and more C.J. is always asking to just wear a diaper.

Ps. Mr. Bob fixed my sewing machine while we were down there! I have a stack of quilts to work on...YEAH!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Nap

Baby boy and I played out in the pool this morning...and makes him super tired...Happy Napping Buddy. (You look so cute with your short new haircut!)

(Any ideas on what I should hang in the frame over our bed? It's only been up there empty for a year now.)

Father's Day a.m. 2009

Breakfast...Steak and eggs and party biscuits...then C.J. was the he wasn't...he just tried to be. I made Jake a framed pic of these D-A-D pics (remember that super great idea from Pampering Beki )...and yard service for a year.

Tuesday June 16 2009

Oh Baby are such a mess. How did you come up with this "game"?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


still fighting a sinus/ear infection and i pulled my back after i got home from the doctor monday moving my sewing machine (not to sew but to have it serviced)...WHAT! yeah 30 has been rough...looking forward to 31...doesn't it get easier?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Yummy J Paganelli Squares

Cough cough sneeze. yes still sick. Saturday a.m. hubbie is at the ballfield. unload dish washer...then load...wash hubbies clothes...sweep kitchen...not nap time yet so I decided to cut fabric squares...pretty brainless right...for a Jennifer Paganelli Sis Boom Flower Power Quilt. The process unfolds. Who is this for? I'm not quite sure either. but it is rather Delicious...should i even think about a ruffled edge? i am thinking it. and yeah it matches my diaper bag...back it with? edge it with? well it is ready to go after i have my machine serviced...and NOW it is nap time. YEAH!!!

Do you see what I see?

From seeds...yep these veggies all started from seeds I planted. Usually I buy my plants at Home Depot 5 inches excited (like it is hard to grow seeds...I will say the free tomato seeds from Campbells did not grow at all...didn't even sprout and I planted them the same day same soil as these cherry tomatoes really!)! Finally this week the tomatoes have blooms and I spotted a few cute tiny little cucumbers! Oh and Miracle Grow Soil...want to see the difference it picture look at pot #1...were transplanted the same day as the monsters in pot #5. Pot #1 is last years old soil...and shows.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Motorcycle & MTV

We let C.J. watch MTV's Nitro Circus with know Travis Pastrana and all his crazy friends jumping off cliffs and ramps on their motorcycles, tricycles, dirt bikes, etc. So C.J. likes to ride his motorcycle now...well as long as it isn't mere gently rocking. He "needs" to fall off and jump off and "do cool tricks mom".

Kaffe is in the House

Ding Dong. Ah yes. Thank you Twitter and TrueUp and The Fat Quarter Shop and UPS Man for this SUPER GREAT DEAL on soft beautiful colorful Kaffe Fassett fabric. It sold out by days end once she posted this fab find. I'm so glad I jumped in when I did. Perhaps today after the Tylenol Sinus, ibuprofen and orange juice kick in and after we take Sweet Avery Jeffords (her official AKC name) to the vet for her annual, then I might start cutting this lovely fabric into a quilt for Sweet Tammy Smith!