Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sonogram Tree goes to Etsy Shop

We are now selling various prints of the Sonogram Tree...all proceeds will go into our adoption fund...THANK YOU!!!

Prints will not come with my paisley watermark on on pic for a closer view...

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Zoo Feb 2011

It was a beautiful day in the we hit the Atlanta Zoo...and renewed our "family membership" $99 for one year...that allows 2 adults and 4 kids per Britt had $45 each after taxes! And we'll go at least 2 more times together maybe a time or two with our hubbies...take your lunch and parking is free...can't beat it. It's a Metro Atlanta must.


Let's see...after the stomach bug...I started working on our homestudy again...and since it has been nice outside I started working on CJ's new headboard that Jake and I found for $7.00...not sure what color I am going to paint it.

BEFORE to decide if I am going to paint it red...probably. And see that wardrobe it is leaning on...I am working on it too...for the nursery...but thats another post.

Had a request come in for a shirt...

She stopped by yesterday to pick it up...Little doll isn't she...CJ had her turned into a super hero in no time!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sneak Peak...

Coming soon to a website near you...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Do you see...

Do you see what I see?

CJ and I rode with mom to the doctor on Tuesday. I sat in the car while she went in for her appointment as CJ had fallen asleep in his car seat. I've been taking quite a few texture pictures lately so my eye has been in that frame of thought. It quickly saw this...and clearly I see a baby in the womb...head down...looks like a sonogram...even the brain is more evident...perhaps I got to see this because I will not get to see a sonogram of the baby we will adopt...but God knows this child, He knows my child, He is with our child.

Thank you Jesus...for letting me have my camera with me. This tree was at the end of Merrily and Narrow Lane. Not joking...I didn't even point that out to mom...though I wanted to turn around and get a picture of the crossroad sign.

As we prepare for our 1st home visit on Saturday for our home study to adopt...I am thankful that we can walk Merrily down this Narrow Lane.

We are now selling various prints of this picture are now available in my ETSY shop...

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Update...I went back for a picture of the signs in May 2011...

At the Corner of Narrow and Merrily

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's bronchitis and it's pretty bad...

This is his first time on antibiotics and his first time on breathing treatments.