Friday, October 24, 2008

High 5 Shirt

These are very popular around our house...along with "give me some knuckles". Hmmm can I make that too? The High 5 shirt...I think will look better with solid letters or fabric with more of a solid back ground....none the less...the idea is now out of my brain and can be made on a shirt. These will be available in just about any fabric and shirt combination you come up with.

High 5 to me!


Lisa said...

I like the multicolor wording for this but I think what is throwing it off is the white (?) in it. It sort of blends into the background and makes the design harder to read. I think this would look better on a color that isn't in the wording. Does that make sense?

CocoJ126 said...

Yes...I've been putting the designs on vintage feed sack towels...because I have many...and it is easy to hang them and see them when I make shirts...I do understand the white background is not photogenic...I'll remember that with my next design. Thank you!