Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tailgating with Tots

How to Tailgate with 3 Tots under 2:

1- Be quick with the camera...they only sit down together for a second...and don't plan on them all looking at the same time.
2- Let them make up their own games...hide and seek with a blanket?
3- Take lots of toys...bats, golf clubs, footballs
4- Don't expect them to say cheese
5- Let them sleep whenever they matter how loud your surroundings

We all had a great day! We ate lots of fruit, meat sticks, goldfish, Brittany's cookies and "cakepups" (cupcakes).

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Brett's Box Turtles said...

Miss Corey,

Thank you for putting my blog as one of your favorites. Look on my blog. There is something new.

It's looks like you had a good time tailgating at the football game.