Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Upcycling Sweaters

Yesterday I made 2 turkey smocks, mailed 4 Etsy packages, and went shopping. Today, since I am caught up on Etsy sales, I decided to upcycle a few of my sweaters that I do not love…in hopes that I will love them…or at least like them enough to wear them...if not then they'll go to the thrift store.

1-This dark brown sweater has always been too short…I am on the slightly taller end of life at 5feet 7 inches. It came with this scarf…so I decided to make the scarf…part of the sweater…and now it is long enough and has kind of a cool side opening at the bottom. It shall be worn with a white button up shirt and jeans.

2-V-necks are not the best with my face shape…but I wore this one when I was preggie. I took the remaining scarf and edged where I cut the sleeves off and cut out a few hearts and sewed them on. I think I’ll like this now also over a white button up shirt and jeans. I have always liked sweater vests anyway.

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