Friday, January 23, 2009

Bad Recipes

ok...I don't like to cook, but i wish i could cook good food? lets just say if i ever win the powerball lottery i will never cook supper again (breakfast and grilled turkey and cheese for lunch i can handle). so i get in moods and try new recipes. my mom got me Jessica Seinfelds cookbook Deceptively Delicious last year...this week i tried the Blueberry Oatmeal Bars...YUCk...super an oatmeal desert not dessert in your mouth...we choked it down with ice cream. then tonight i tried the chocolate chip cookies with chickpeas in them...gross...super salty chickpeas in cakey cookies...what a waste of chocolate chips...and because these have chocolate in them i can't even feed them to Avery, our dog. i usually write in the books by the recipes after i make i know what to do differently the next time i make it or to avoid it all together. AVOID THESE! Mom, Cassie & Jake...yes i actually followed both of the recipes to the T...i didn't add anything crazy like french vanilla creamer to tuna helper because we had no milk...i was in college and very hungry when that happened. can we move on from that?

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memeco said...

Okay I tasted the cookies...they aren't a little bad they are horrid!!!!!!!!