Saturday, January 3, 2009


I must stay busy...I must stay busy? Why? I can't sit still. Sewing Sewing Sewing...thinking up new things to make and jumping on it. So what have I been making:

-One polka dotty red and pink VALENTINE TREE SKIRT and I haven't decided how I want to finish it yet (yes it is in UGLY stage right now) with a ruffled edge or yo yo's or polka dot ribbon?(for my 4 or 6 foot? white pre-lit Christmas tree that I am getting for my birthday from was only $17.00 at the Walmart Christmas clearance! ! !...they also had red and blue, big and small that would be cute in a kids room?)

-red and pink VALENTINE TREE ORNAMENTS (none pictured or finished yet..they are still in design mode)

-2 more (one is Heather Bailey the peachy one/the other is a mystery designer the black brown red and turquoise C.J. wanted George in the picture) QUILT TOPS from the super sample sale (that I hope to go back to on Tuesday before she closes her store)

-oh and a CAMERA STRAP last night for the turned out...ok...not so pretty with patchworked fabric...will make more next week because Jake hates that it is pink and green! he he and I can't take a picture of while it is attached and it is a pain to undo

-and today...I hope to make a ROUND BOTTOM BAG to carry my quilt in...because it is practically like my blankie these days...I take it to the car and back...for C.J. to be warm while the car warms up and then I want it back on the couch.

Will post pics later and finish up Christmas blogging too...I hope.

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