Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fabric Framed Love

True Up a fabric website...I run across ocasionally (yesterday) has a cool banner...the words are in fabric:

I thought hmmm I'll try letters in fabric too...on another Valentine project. So I went to the art bedroom and took down an old frame of Cow Parade that I made...6, 7, 8 years ago and began painting. Quite easy...painted the mat frame red...then glued fabric scraps on it...covered the back with red linen and glued on L-O-V-E...a quick bow and find a place to hang it.

C.J. was into Thomas the Train today...we got the trains down and he wanted me to blow the whistle (I got to hold it...see it is on the island with my fabric scraps) and shout "All Aboard" every once in a while. Then he wanted to wear the Thomas backpack that we keep the trains in. I put it on him and he said "Moma, drive school bus" made me sad for a second...because I knew what he meant he wanted to ride the school bus because he had a backpack on. Wow that is the 1st time I've thought about him going to kindergarten. I'm so glad that is almost 4 years away.

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