Thursday, January 22, 2009

Framed Love

A Super Easy Project...I'd seen something like this back in December at Just a Girl and stored it away in my brain because it is too easy not to have some for all holidays!:

Grab an old frame...some scrap paper...a wooden word for $00.50 at the craft store...some scissors and glue. Trace the glass on the paper...cut out a few hearts in a coordinating paper...put in frame...glue word on outside of glass...find a good place to put it. Get in the Valentine Mood.

(The so cute new apron with polka dots and ruffles is from my friend Suzanne! Thank you! I love it!)

A similar more time consuming framed paper idea: On Martha Stewart they also made scrapbook Paper Landscapes and framed them...I'll try those soon also:

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