Saturday, January 17, 2009

Passport Covers

So on the best list of tutorials i found...i saw something easy and needed? by me and my friend Maggie. Passport covers...for our upcoming cruise! I used a tutorial...and didn't like how the stitching was messy with sewing around twice. So instead of sewing around the 1st time...I ironed my fabric under and only zigzaged around once...and I used 7 and 13 inches instead too...(this only took me 2 screw ups before i made one i liked.)

P.S. Maggie the red polka dot one (with black polka dots inside) is for you! Oh man Jake reminded me that you do not have one...oh well...maybe you will again one day.

If you want one...just ask...I am not sure if I'll list these in my shop.

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