Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Pink Monica

I have been wanting a new carry when I am not carrying a diaper bag...and when I am wearing brown shoes...and big enough to carry my 3 ring binder in when I lead my 9th grade girls on Sunday nights. So yesterday I searched for bag/purse tutorials online. I found one that I liked...printed it out and looked like it was over my said pleats and darts (which I did try on the liner) I edited it this a.m. and started sewing and out came Monica. She is pretty from across the room...and not perfect when way too close up in her most of us are. She needs...wider straps...and another layer in between...perhaps cream thread...and that is about all. She turned out good enough to keep and I can't wait to carry her. I can take her out when I wear black or brown shoes....YEAH...just turn the bag around ;) I am going to make more...I'll attempt a tutorial when I make the next was not that hard! ! ! (I do not know who the fabric designer is...I'll keep looking to find out...but let me know if you find out first. I used some of my samples from the closing fabric store to make her...oh I found out it is Anna Maria Horner...from her Drawing Room/Eccentric Palette collection) Looking at her now she is kinda Valentiney!

P.S. Yes that is a white hospital bracelet you see on my wrist. I had a little procedure went pray for tubes are good and we are wanting another little boy.

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