Friday, January 16, 2009

Valentine Towels

Yes this a.m. I shifted into craft mode (I wanted to make more purses)...finish the tree on the tree on Valentine towels for the me, Nana, MeMe, and Aunt Cassie...where is my fabric glue? I have got to find it so I can glue these hands on! ! ! Yeah my towel was a real towel (the one with hearts and says Mama)...I made the other 3 out of fabric I had. I used white quilting squares (that I had) to paint on with fabric paint (a simple zigzag strich with red thread onto the towel...hey this its not made to wash or dry with) and glued (will glue) a cut out of C.J.'s hand. Easy enough for you moms to do! You could probably find a cute towel at the dollar store as well as paint and have a cute little gift for Nana/Meme for only a buck or two. And you could just dip the kid's hand/baby's foot in paint and slap it on instead of cutting out a fabric one ;) Good is pretty easy! And as usual Click on the pictures for a closer view.


artsy_momma said...

That is too cute for words! Stopped over from Tip Junkie :)

Cammie@Flutterbys and Frogs said...

So cute! I also stopped over from Tip Junkie and also added this to a blog post I'm working on reccomending cute Valentines Day Crafts. Feel free to stop by at to see that proper credit was given! :)