Thursday, February 5, 2009

The LOUD QUILT is complete!

YEAH! ! ! I did it! The LOUD QUILT is complete. I even decided to free motion the edges on and they turned out great! ! ! I kinda want to keep it...since it is my first free motion quilt and it doesn't look too bad on our couch. wants it? Do you love it? I'll save it for your birthday if you do...other wise...put in your color scheme order.

And I made it though Chapter 13 in The Shack!

PS The quilt is for sale in my ETSY shop as of March 9, 2009.


Aunt Spicy said...

Love it, LOVE IT! Wow, is that a super fabulous quilt! I love the colors! What size is it? You did such a beautiful job!

CocoJ126 said...

I think it is about 50 by 55 inches...a good lap quilt or car quilt...I'll measure it when it comes out of the dryer in an hour or so.

CocoJ126 said...

Dear Paula Prass,

Your comment vanished while the internet flickered.

Thank you so much...and I'll talk to you soon.

PamperingBeki said...

That is gorgeous!!