Saturday, February 7, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Oh yeah...points for me...I talked my hubbie into helping me trim up the backyard today (it helped that it is sunny and 65 degrees). I LOVE to work in the yard (he does not)...but behind our first fence (where Jake was stationed) I know there are snakes...I saw a little black one in the fall...and I am not going back there. The blackberries vines were taking over...and while they feed C.J. a 1/2 cup a day or more during the Neenaw always says where there are blackberries...there are snakes. There are still a million blackberry vines/bushes whatever they are...back there so perhaps after we clean up a bit more...I'll stake some to eat. So 1/2 the back yard down...and 1/2 to go! ! !

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