Monday, February 9, 2009

Yellow Wonky Squares

On flicker I found the trick to making these crazy squares even...thus the last picture. This great cheater sewer, Sarah, might be just like me...always looking for a quick tip and easy craft (please see her blog at ) She has a GREAT photo tutorial on how to make these on Flicker...the tutorial listing is on her blog on the left hand side. She makes super cute squares and quilts! So in a nut shell make all the squares relatively the same size and then cut the egdes off using ...whatever you have...I would love to buy one of those clear plastic squares she uses...but if they are out of my slim budget these days...I'll find one of C.J.'s books and go from there. (I have not gotten that far with the quilt yet...I am still just making squares...and have no idea what I want this quilt to look like yet.)

Hey this wonky square thing is easy. I am turning them out rather quickly...for a quilt. I made 6 this a.m. before we went out to trim the other half of the shrubs in the 68 degree weather. Man I Love the ATL weather.


Dawn said...

You say that now since the weather is nice...In two days it can be in the 40's. It can only happen in GA!

Aunt Spicy said...

I am really loving these! They are so colorful and fun...I must go back and read your post about how you made them!

Sarah said...

they look great! thanks for the link!