Friday, March 27, 2009

Craft Closet Organized

The Georgia Tech Office closet...aka my craft room.

Paul Frank Scrub Shirt...still waiting to be made into bathroom curtain when I redo a kids bathroom.

Walls of inspiration and fun.

Colorful neatly arranged shelves.

Note the white glass house full of Yo Yo's

Come on in. My craft closet is now organized. I need to hang a few pictures...but things are in place. Last week when mom was here we straightened it out. And while I always have hopes of sitting in here and always ends up happening in the kitchen so Ba-Boo can play. Please over look the duct tape on the gift bag full of bags. I am southern girl after all...duct tape is in almost every drawer. (My favorite part is the white glass house full of fabric Yo Yo's that my mom made many years ago...they are spilling out and now I will use them!)

Thank you MOM! ! !

I still need to show all the treats she got me at the fabric store that was closing.

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Aunt Spicy said...

....ohhhhh....I love that you have such a fun space for crafting! It looks super fun!