Thursday, April 9, 2009

Red Floral Wallet

Found a million wallet tutorials online this a.m. and picked the one I liked at That Darn Kat Holds 6 credit cards (I do not have that many...only 2), insurance cards, drivers license, etc. And 2 slots for cash money (I do not carry money...maybe 3 dollars at a time).

It went down pretty motioned more red fabric onto quilted material. All I need now is a rhinestone button and a little whip stitching (that I can't do until I sew the button on). I can get a button at JoAnn's. So let's see cost of a new custom quilted diaper bag and wallet...$2.50 (the button). Not a bad deal.

A minor do I retire my black and white polka dot Kate Spade wallet? Jake surprised me with it 4 years ago along with a pink and brown polka dot Kate Spade purse (I didn't pick them out and he never knew they didn't match?)...and it still looks great! Oh Kate Spade...until another day.

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