Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sis Boom

My first order of Jennifer Paganelli's fabric came in yesterday! It is soft and yummy. (I had some of her fabric but I bought it back in the fall without knowing what it was at the quilt shop that was closing--might I remind you a mere $5.00 per pound...what a steal). So will I make a quilt or a diaper bag or both? Hopefully both. I'm scowering Flickr for ideas...though I am thinking maybe huge pinwheels or a huge house or a huge vase of flowers on a quilt? I don't want to lose the designs cutting them to pieces...that is why I am thinking HUGE. And the diaper bag like my red floral one, though perhaps with a soft appliqued on flowers. Time to get ready for church. Happy Sunday Lovelies.

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Aunt Spicy said...

Jennifer's fabric is by far my faVorite! I have been hoarding it and have the same struggle with how to use it without losing the patterns. Did you look at her website and blog for ideas?

Also, here is one of my fav quilts where I did cut up everything and loved it: