Friday, May 29, 2009

More Upcycled & Granola

I have upcycled a few more shirts...we went to the GT bookstore Memorial day...they had tons of ladies shirts for $5.00 because they are sized too I bought a few with plans as such. Worked well...

Reconstructed a I heart New York it about time to go back up there?

And no I DO NOT like granola...well Quaker smore granola bars yes...and no I DO NOT hug trees...but I have lots of planted things growing tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, fuchsia, wildflowers, watermelon, and YES I do shave my arm pits. So why all this hippy talk? I got something from the UPS man today...Birkenstocks. I bought them off EBAY. I had some back in middle/high school...and well I'm not sure if it happens to everybody when you turn 30 back hurts...and I thought these would give me some support as apposed to my millions of pairs of super cute Yellow Box Flip Flops and well New Balance are too hot to wear to the ball field. Perhaps my back hurts because I stand up and sew at the kitchen cabinet so ba-boo can run laps around me rather than sewing at my table in my sewing closet. Anyway we'll see how this goes. Hubbie is going to say they are so ugly. They are the "Zara" Betulas.

Oh...I didn't see these...RHINESTONES and ZEBRA PRINT!!! Maybe they would have been a better choice...or maybe I'll get them if they help.

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