Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy Scrappy Give-A-Way? ! ? !

Look what the Twitter cat drug in: Unbelievable ah! ! ! Really? Me oh my...drooling... Marie-Madeline Studios is giving this quilt AWAY! What? Yeah I know...I could not part with this lovely if I'd made it. It is just too much yummy Jennifer Paganelli fabric all happily placed for me to GIVE AWAY! Ok...but you can try and win it too...jump over from their Marie-Madeline button on the right.

Ladies you are FAB! Crazy...but Fab. This quilt is gorgeous! ! !


the Long ladies said...

You know, we've questioned our sanity more than once for being willing to give this away!
Thanks for blogging about this for us!

the Long ladies

Aunt Spicy said...

Thanks for spreading the word!