Thursday, July 30, 2009

Healthy-er Choices

Adding healthier foods into your diet is not easy or I have been trying some here and there...I hate spending the money on something SUPER HEALTHY and then it tastes really gross. So lets share yummy and yucky.

1st up...Ole High Fiber, no sugar, Tortillas (12g in one tortilla!!!) Super wonderful! Soft and they do not taste funny at ALL! Use them for Breakfast: scrambled eggs with deli ham and cheese breakfast roll ups....Use them for lunch: turkey and coleslaw wraps with a dash of your fav salad dressing...Use them for supper: my sister Cassie's chicken enchiladas.

2nd in line: Michael Seasons Baked Cheetos like chips...they taste light...not in a bad way. This bag is 6 ounces! What! They were $2.50! So be healthy and use portion control.

3nd in line...Omega 3, Flax Seed, chocolate chunk cookies...I tossed the bag and put them in a tubberware box...they are on the dry side with a slight coconut flavor...but eatible...I will buy them again...they settle the cookie monster that lives inside of cream is not my hang up...I'm a cookie then cake or pie kind of girl.

And breads...I'm trying all of the high fiber, no sugar, whole wheat breads...some are good...some taste like fish oil.

What healthy foods do you like?...please don't tell me about raw fruits and veggies...I am growing a patio full of yes I eat those too.

Why healthy choices? Ummm its just good to do and we're still trying to have another baby (for like 19 months now)...and my super awesome doc is telling might be PCOS...Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome...but bloodwork on Friday will be VERy telling. And I keep feeling like I want to go running...I guess I old cross country days are calling my name...hmmm.


Lori E said...

we are now using olive oil mayo by Kraft and think that it is way better than that low fat stuff (EWW)

Chelsea Kliewer said...

I have PCOS as well. It is easily controlled (usually, or at least mine has been) with meds. Praying for you hope you get preg soon! I love reading your blog and looking at all your cute quilts. And cute dresses for little girls (wishing I had a cute little girl to put in one) haha. But alas, I have a cute boy instead. Yay!