Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hotel in Huntsville

So Sunday we arrived in Huntsville...C.J. ate it all in a hotel for a 2.5 year old is just cool...riding on the cart...blowing his hair in the A/C...sleeping in a castle...jumping on the bed...Otis Spunkmeyer cookies in the lobby...continental breakfast...the pool...walking to dinner...playing with the buttons on the A/C...even asking to eat a peanut butter sandwich in the room for lunch rather than going out-just to stay in the room...he had fun! Oh and he finally learned to hold up just 2 fingers and say "I'm 2 3 and a half" I read and read and read...Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. We roamed the aisles of Super Target, hit up the Space Museum and enjoyed not cleaning or cooking for a few days, while Jake worked on an install at Redstone Arsenal.

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