Monday, August 10, 2009

American Snippets Baby Quilt

A retro flashback...beyond my years...I didn't even play with paper dolls...I was into Cabbage Patch...but I thought this was cute...I started with a Snippets Turnover, American Jane for Moda Fabrics...don't look too closely...nothing matches I didn't research a successful way to make perfect pinwheels and these are my first. The back is Apron Strings by Chloe's Closet for Moda (HELLo I love you sweet little cheater print!). Edging is scrap fabric. This little lovely quilt is 31 x 31 inches. A nice little diaper changing size, infant carrier size, car seat size, or a nice size for a little girl to drag around behind her. And it will soon be mailed to a sweet baby girl.

Ps Don't worry my kitchen floor is clean, I bought a new Clorox Ready Mop thing yesterday...its a workout, but works better than my plain old Swiffer.

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Aunt Spicy said...

ADORE! I just bought some of that fabric but haven't decided what to make...but this quilt is adorable!