Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Milkshake Brings

Spoonflower...ever heard of it?...An amazing site where you design and print your own fabric.

I play on there sometimes...and entered a contest last week. Theme: use spoons and flowers.

My entry...made in my Paint program...very simple and low budget (I wish I had an awesome design program): I named it My Milkshake Brings...because of the funny little song that my brother-in-law likes. So here is my entry design:
My Milkshake Brings

The fabric is a tableclothish picture of a milkshake with a flower on the rim. And of course a long milkshake spoon. They repeat can see the way it would print on fabric by clicking on the contest link. (I'd like for it to be larger...but hey I was just playing around while C was asleep!)

Somehow I landed the #7 spot of 70 in the 1st round of voting!!! So if you are a member...VOTE for me!

Contest link:
Spoon Flower Contest

The winner wins some of the fabric they designed and they sell the fabric on Etsy.

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