Wednesday, January 20, 2010


A cousin by marriage, Anthony, had just returned home from a mission trip to Haiti. Was home about 11 hours before the quake.

If you would like to donate to the disaster relief efforts 100% of donations will go to Haiti. Son Light Orphanage and Nutrition Center in Port Au Prince.

Mail checks to:
Estes Church of Christ
P.O.Box 191
Henderson, TN 38340

Write for "Haiti Disaster Relief".

Sometimes your donation gets gobbled up in "administration costs", this will not be the case here.

One of my aunts wrote on the family website:
"He left yesterday to fly to Miami, and be onboard a plane with Missionaries International, who do have permission to come NOW back to Haiti. Along with him will be a structural engineer, 2 construction contractors and 2 other burly men for toting and fetching. Anthony and the others are bringing Satellite phones and enough supplies for themselves and the Orphanage for two weeks. With the SAT phones, hopefully other needs can be relayed back to Tennessee where a well established team of contacts will help the elders and others decide what to do next.

The orphanage has now 31 children. One died when the security wall they built last year, of necessity, collapsed during the earthquake. The purpose of this trip is to assess the damage, come up with a way to repair or replace the security wall around the orphanage and the adjoining house that the orphanage owns and uses for a guest/worker house. Other considerations are for making the best living situation possible for the children and babies under the care of this program, Son Light Orphanage.

The 40 foot shipping container of baby and childrens supplies will be sent only when the security wall is there, for the safety of the children from looters, etc.

Anthony is very humbled by the offers of help, takes no interest in his own name being out there, just happened to be in the right place like Esther of the Old Testament, and has been called "for such a time as this" with the right contacts and a way to do what seems to others as impossible. I so appreciate his humility and love him, Beth and the boys for the sacrifices they have already made and are continuing to make."

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Marie said...

Makes all of us feel humble and greatful for what we have.