Monday, March 29, 2010

New Looms

My Neenaw taught me how to knit hats on a loom a few weeks ago...I finally went out and bought the set of looms yesterday....4 looms in a pack at Michaels (hook and needle are included)...$14.99 and use a readily available coupon...for 40% a bang up deal! ! ! Making these while watching a new MUST...I'll make them for friends...sell a few on Etsy and donate some to the local Childrens Hospital...that's what my Neenaw does..minus the Etsy part. Want to jump in with me...Heather, Denita, Britt, Paula, Sharon, Joi???...Let me know...this is easy and I can't break the looms so...I think we can give this a fair shake.

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