Friday, March 12, 2010

Yellow Rose Baby Quilt

I started this April of 2009

Yellow Rose Quilt was I didn't ever put the edging on...until today...

Hopefully one day there will be a little girl in our family...and it can be a prop in some pics...flopped over a rocking chair or something like that...then it won't look wonkie.


Anonymous said...

Remember when you were having 'spells' because your sodium was too low. (not enough salt) Judging by the salt shaker on your "sewing table," this must no longer be a problem. Beautiful quilt. Hoping for you a baby girl to wrap in that quilt too.

CocoJ126 said...

Thanks Anonymous. Yes I shake on a little salt and haven't taken on the New Years Resolution of "no french fries for a year" since then. Hope you are doing well too!...whoever you are.