Wednesday, April 28, 2010

National Infertility Week!!!

About 1 in 8 are affected by infertility.
Homes across America have closets filled with baby clothes...
They are praying, hoping, wishing, taking meds,
Going in for bloodwork, ultrasounds, procedures,
Let's help them get those clothes off the hangers and on a new baby...

Hi is National Infertility Week...

A bill was introduced by this Senator, a woman of course,

It will allow Infertility to be covered by insurance as a disease.

Please take time to send a only takes a second...

Please take the time if INFERTILITY has affected you or someone you LOVE.

Thank you so much,


Read the bill:

Follow the bill:


hopefuls #1 said...

Thank you for reaching out to me today and for your post! You're so inspiring! Thank you thank you thank you!

CocoJ126 said...

You are welcome...I was AMAZINGLY excited yesterday to learn that was in Washington yesterday fighting for infertility. They are on facebook.

And today I typed up a little FB status...please use it or change it a bit and use it if you wish...

It's National Infertility Week...if your arteries are clogged & heart doesn't pump well: HEART disease...if your ovaries are insulin resistant & don't kick out eggs: the CDC calls this disease PCOS...BUT most insurance co's don't cover this disease...there is a bill in the works...please take 2 mins to send it to your is a fill in the blank form and even names Senators from your zip code. Thank you!!!