Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oh How I Love Thee

Mostly Jennifer Paganelli fabrics with a splash of Heather Bailey fabric and red polka dots from JoAnn's.

Dear Friends & Family (on my "I want to make you a quilt one day" list but you don't even know you are on my list),

You are not getting this quilt...sorry...I love it too much. Maybe you will be next. But probably not...I have a paying customer...who I told her give me 7 months...cause I am SOOO not into pressure or stressing over sewing these days. She offered to pay me before I started on the quilt...I told her No thanks...I'd make the quilt 1st...at a slow pace and if she likes it after I finish...she can buy it.

Happy Stress-free Sewing...

I think I am going to rest under this freshly washed quilt.


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