Monday, June 7, 2010

Life Day 2...Asa and Adeline

An amazing opportunity came up this week while visiting at my parents. My mom's friend, Jill, had her beautiful twin girls. In these pictures they are 30 hours old!!!

Baby B is Adeline Leigh weighing only 4.3 pounds!!! Baby A is Asa James weighing only 5.1 pounds!!!

They are 4 weeks premature...and amazingly healthy!!!

The pictures are totally deceiving to their size. The girls are filled out and have great cheeks!

The nurse was mad when she saw I photographed them in the buff...because they are having trouble keeping their temps up...but I had them out of clothes for 2 minutes max!

Cat fighting already...

So after being peed on, pooped on and spit up on...we put their teeny tiny diapers and onesies back on...Bryan, their super dad, showed me how to do the proper swaddle and they were happy once again! was such a blessing to see these girls at their tiny state. As most babies this size are still snuggled down in the womb...Adeline's tiny nose was the size of my pinky nail. God is good...his works are amazing and beyond our comprehension.

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Brittany said...

oh my....the madness of a newborn times 2!! Ohh the memories... :)