Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mercier Orchards

This past weekend we had some cabin time with friends...

I was bound and determined we were going to pick apples somewhere...luckily we found a great place 11 miles from the cabin. Mercier Orchards!

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In a nutshell...I loved it so much I wish I could work there! They have over 200 acres...with U-Pick Apples, soon Pumpkins, and next spring U-Pick Strawberries and Cherries! Free tractor rides to the apples...$6 for 1/2 peck, $12 for a peck. The store is huge...the bakery is too and has about 20 flavors of fresh daily homemade fried pies...strawberry cream, blueberry cream, coconut, apple, peach, cream cheese (day old baked goods are sold 1/2 price)...they also have homemade apple cider donuts...several flavors of homemade icecream...the apple fritters are to die for...a cute grab your honey or BF or mama and jump on 575 and head to Blue Ridge!

Oh and I guess I'll plug the company we rented from too:
Click Here to Jump to Cuddle Up Cabin Rentals We stayed in "Fern Creek". It was clean, nice and new. Our original trip was planned for this past February...the weekend it snowed in GA...and the roads iced over...people were sliding off the roads trying to get to the cabins on our we ended up staying at the Comfort Inn and driving home...Cuddle Up was kind enough to keep our money in Feb...but let us pick another time to come back.

Click on any picture if you need a closer look :)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! Looks like a good time was had by all!

Brittany said...

that picture of just the apple with a drop of water on it makes that apple look pretty darn good!! :)

Jennifer said...

I just love everything about you such a warm spirit...I love how you share and care about others. all my best, Jennifer

Rachael said...

Hey! This is Rachael, and I work Customer Service at Mercier Orchards. Thanks so much for this great post and your input on our facebook page. You took some lovely pictures, and I'm happy you had a great time! We hope to see you back! :)