Monday, October 20, 2008

Learning Curve

There is a fine art to learning in a new ETSY store and some questions people can't help you answer:
--How much to order from a vendor?
--How many do I make of a certain item?
--How many blanks do I leave in the closet for custom orders?
--When do you start the next holiday?
--How many people do you turn down before you order more shirts from the vendor?
--How do I make all these holiday items and get them on the front page to draw people in and not have bread and milk type items once they enter? (they are coming...birthday cakes...more letters, more numbers, football helmets, monsters...more animals...more quilts...bibs...cloth diapers).....

AHHHHH it is so exciting and I could sew all night...but I have a cook for and chase around the kitchen and take to Kroger to get a cookie and and and...oh I want to walk you through a tutorial...tweeze my eyebrows, clean the toilets, take the clothes out of the dryer, learn the best way to advertise, take a deep's fun...I'll make it all happen. Once again...slowly I'll build you a closet to chose from.

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