Sunday, January 4, 2009

Inhale...Yum...What is it?

It is Valentine's Day on the smells of sugary, glittery, pink & red polka dot goodness. You should have known it was coming...Now Dasher, Now Dancer, Now Prancer, Now Vixen, On Comet, On Cupid.....Duh. So don't sit around to long in your new robe and houseshoes you just got for Christmas...make some cuteness!


---My new hair cut and says...I am a Rocker Mommie...a Crafter Rocker Mommie...that means I rock at crafts. (Notice that fancy shamcy Valentine Mantel already out and being worked on...yeah there are no photos in those frames yet...I still have some work to do). (Oh yeah...and I am rocking my NEW Paul Frank Julius in Heart Shaped Shades Shirt that my hubbie got me for Christmas ;)

---New freshly made Valentine Garland...or yes C.J. is still calling it KITE.

---And I finally came up with a Valentine Tree Topper idea...I need to buy some pink glitter at the craft store on sale and it should be ready soon. So sorry no pic yet.

---And a shout out to Uncle Ross...C.J. loves his new Cars Table we just got it out Saturday...he sits at it even with nothing to do...he fixes it with his tools and sits there again...he moved one chair to the kitchen this a.m. to eat I had to move the table back in there...then back to the living room after breakfast...he says Cade here, Luke here...that means this is where my friends sit. THANK YOU!

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