Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Avery's Sleeping Bag

Last week I saw a cute little doggie sleeping bag on ETSY for $65.00!...and thought hey Avery needs one of those. The idea has been bugging me because Avery sleeps buried in a fleece blanket in her crate...so for her this is a must have. Yesterday I decided to sew 2 of her blankets together and make her a sleeping bag. Then I came up with the idea to sew her towel (that lays in the bottom of her crate on the plastic liner) into a pillow case type deal...making it easier to slide in and out and for her comfort too...it will no longer get bunched up and leave her sleeping on the plastic. Yes she was my first baby...and spoiled she is. All turned out well! I really wish I'd though of the towel idea 5 years ago! And C.J. had to get in the crate since I was messing with it ;)

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