Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Toenails of A Mommy

Toenails of a Mommy

There are 2 stages of toenails for Mommies.

Stage 1-Oh My Goodness How Did I Let My Toe Nails Get this Bad
Stage 2-Finally Painting Them back to Life

A tried and true method that my sister and I learned from a childhood friend and Coca-Cola heiress I will share with you today...and helping you stay in Stage 2 longer.

Step 1-Look and toenails for the 25Th time and think yuck...I HAVE GOT TO PAINT MY TOENAILS...so while trying to watch tv one night...proceed to Step 2

Step 2-On clean feet...push the cuticles down and SLATHER on polish...wait 5 minutes and polish again...wait 5 minutes and polish again. Thus 3 coats of polish have been applied. Make sure to cover the edge of the toenails. Let dry for 1 hour or more. (Pushing the cuticle down and Slathering makes sure you do not miss any spaces that look bad when growing out)

Step 3-Typically the next day...in the shower gentle flake off the polish that is on the toe and not the nail.

Step 4-If you are like me and love Polka-Dots take your fabric paint and a tooth pick and add dots to the polished area. Let dry 30 minutes. (And no I DO NOT add these to my finger nails...I'm cool not trashy.)

Step 5-Add one coat of clear top coat...wait 10 minutes and add another coat of top coat.

No doubt your toe nails will stay super fab for at least 3 weeks...perhaps once a week add another layer of top coat to avoid chipping.

And yes I have long monkey toes...they work for me...no comments please. And I personally use Sally Hansen Polish in Royal Red.


Peterson Party of 5 said...

Very Cute! I love them!
Especially with summer coming around!

wildwesthome said...

I'm curious - why fabric paint? Would another color of nail polish work just as well? What about an acrylic paint cuz I'm not fancy enough for fabric paint. I just paint fabric with regular paint!

CocoJ126 said...

I have cheap acrylic/fabric paint on hand...so that is what I use...but sure other paints might work...the key is letting it dry and then adding the clear topcoat.

Dianna said...

I HAVE to laugh at your 2nd picture .... I am horrible at painting my toes, so, I do the exact same thing. Anything I get 'outside the lines' gets peeled off in the shower!
Happy Spring, and congrats on getting featured on Tip Junkie!

Gina said...

So cute! I am totally at stage 1 but ready to start any night now...

Infarrantly Creative said...

I found you through tip junkie. Here's another idea for your toes if you want to try it