Friday, February 13, 2009

Camera Problems

My Nikon and My HP apparently had a fight...because they are not talking to each other. So I can't post pictures that I took last night...of a new purse I made (with the fabric pictured above) above are off of Flicker.

C.J. and I cleaned the garage today. And he played in a fire ant bed...until I found him...He had on his zip up onesie I was able to strip him down before he was bitten by a couple hundred fire ants! ! ! Thank you Jesus for watching over my baby. No really it would have been VERY BAD...he was covered up to his knees...he was just watching them...squated over the bed...because he was not bitten ONCE! Hey emergencys only take 2 seconds...he was out of my site all of what 30 seconds?

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