Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine Day Tree Complete

( apparently the HP and the Nikon kissed and made up...after all tomorrow is V tines Day)

Drum Roll Please! ! ! FINALLY...yesterday I nailed it down...the tree topper. Just a simple cardboard cut out of a heart...with red polka dot fabric sewn onto it (look closely the edges are pinking cute). It looks like a BIG OLE Valentine sitting up there. Highlights of the tree...are the pinky bunny...and the heart with wings...and red glittery lotus springing up from behind the BIG OLE VALENTINE...and oh did you see the beaded little red birds! I made those too!!! JUST must be smoking crack to have the patience to make those.

So the tree is complete...and if I do say so is a rocking pretty tree...and is much prettier than my Christmas tree ever looks?

Anyway...Happy Valentine's Day Eve. Maybe I'll actually plug the tree in tonight! Oh yeah I have NOT plugged it in yet?


memeco said...

Love the tree.

Aunt Spicy said...

Wow, that is so fun! And adore the tree topper!