Tuesday, March 3, 2009

100 Free Business Cards

While making my grocery list…diapers, fruit, granola bars…I scanned a great money saving website that I have been using for 2 years now: A Full Cup (link is on the right under FUN PLACES ONLINE) One of the The HotFlashes was 100 free business cards…shipping included! I just ordered 100. The company is MarketSplash a division of HP…and you put in your credit card # for verification but they do not charge it. The recap...100 business cards FREE plus shipping Free equals FREE!!!

So maybe you don’t have a business…make some calling cards…or emergency phone number cards…or Merry Christmas From cards to drop in presents…or Happy Birthday From cards to drop in presents…be creative…come on it is free!


Yeah they didn't have a pink and turquoise option...so I ventured into red and yellow...who cares...they are 100% FREE! ! !

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Eternal Images said...

Great deal! Thanks for sharing. I ordered 250 for only $5 total!!! I also added a link to your blog on mine :D