Sunday, March 1, 2009

RoyGBv Wonky Squares

Today I worked on new wonky squares...for a RoyGBv (remember from school Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Violet) color scheme....all squares have a black & white middle...then a color around like red to start...then orange around each block is black&white then two colors. My mind thinks in this order...I arrange the clothes in my closet in this order...oh yeah I am so half OCD...And I remember coloring a million pinwheels as a child in this order...and marrying my crayons to each other...but let's save that for another day. Hmmm I love colors...not crayons...just bold colors. Have you ever played on Oh wow it is so fun. If you don't like it or get is ok...but I don't get people who like to dig up bones all day for a we all have our things.

And while sewing in the kitchen...I managed to cook supper...I roasted a chicken (my first whole one...and it is super easy...why have I never tried to do this?), made mashed potatoes and carrots and canned biscuits. Rock chicken was the bomb.

I added to my list of fun places the right. You should try it sometime.

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