Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Uncle Patrick's Day

Yes...Happy St. Uncle Patrick's Day! ! !

C.J. got a St. Patrick Day card in the mail from his Papa and Nana...and I read it to him and he said "it's for Uncle Patrick?"

1-Collage of Green off of Flickr
2-Shadow Box of C.J.'s 1st St. Patrick's Day(...well actually we were at Disney World)...at 3 months
3-C.J's 2nd St. Patrick's day age...at 15 months
4-C.J's 3rd St. Patrick's...not photoed today.

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niki said...

the title of this post caught my eye. my husband's name is patrick, and when my niece was little, she thought st. patrick's day was "uncle patrick's day." she's now almost 11 so that brought back a cute memory. thanks.