Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The RoyGBv Quilt

The RoyGBv quilt is complete. It only took about 20 minutes to sew the edging on...so why did I wait 2 weeks to do it? I get nervous and don't want to screw it up...and I didn't. She is loud and she is proud...that RoyGBv Quilt. She is full of black and white to stimulate a baby girls new eyes. Measurements are only 32 by 32 inches...and I have not washed it yet. Hooray for my first wonky quilt full of swirly girly goodness! I guess I'll put it up for sale in the Etsy shop. And as always...if you know I am coming to your baby shower and you'd like this quilt...just let me know. Things are made and when they do not sell...they are then pulled and given as gifts. So the shop is like a gift stash.

Ps Dear Sarah at House of Krom...Thank you for again for teaching me how to do this wonky thing! I love going wonky. http://thehouseofkrom.blogspot.com/

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