Monday, May 11, 2009


Mother's Day is over people...its time to clean.

We've already...
-changed the sheets on the bed...and the dirty set is in the dryer
-had cereal for breakfast (he Cinnamon Swirls me Raisin Bran)
-transplanted our cherry tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, and sweet peas
-filled the hot tub
-scrubbed the hot tub
-pulled weeds in the backyard..and decided to let hubbie use a lawn service
-swept the kitchen and foyer and back patio
-Jake's clothes are in the washer

Now its time to...
-time to make lunch...think about dinner and then sew something

My sewing list:
-finish Dad's birthday quilt
-diaper bag for Anna
-dresses for Laney
-dresses for my shop
-a new diaper bag for me with Sis Boom fabric?
-quilts, quilts, quilts for birthdays coming up "new" Mother's Day dress is from the thrift store...$5.00...I had more than one person say "your dress is so cute where did you get it?"...Goodwill in Athens...sorry you can't run out and buy a Georgia Tech colored dress just like it. Though I am pretty sure they had it at Belk in the fall.

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Anonymous said...

My wife is the BEST in the world and the yard looks AWESOME!

Thank you baby and I love you!