Saturday, June 13, 2009

Yummy J Paganelli Squares

Cough cough sneeze. yes still sick. Saturday a.m. hubbie is at the ballfield. unload dish washer...then load...wash hubbies clothes...sweep kitchen...not nap time yet so I decided to cut fabric squares...pretty brainless right...for a Jennifer Paganelli Sis Boom Flower Power Quilt. The process unfolds. Who is this for? I'm not quite sure either. but it is rather Delicious...should i even think about a ruffled edge? i am thinking it. and yeah it matches my diaper bag...back it with? edge it with? well it is ready to go after i have my machine serviced...and NOW it is nap time. YEAH!!!


Aunt Spicy said...

LOVE IT! Love it! What a perfect Saturday morning! Its Sis Boom fabulous!

Brittany said...

Love it...and I think ruffles around the edges... Hope you are feeling better soon!