Friday, June 5, 2009

Shirred Something?

So I got my new elastic thread out this a.m. and tried to make myself a red floral shirred dress. After 8 rows of problems...I decided to call the doctor and schedule myself an appointment to have my wrist cyst drained (gross...sorry). It has been killing me lately...thus I have not wanted to read...Eclipse...stinking hardback is just that much more painful to hold...or sew...and anyway the lady said can you be here in 1 hour and 20 minutes. I said sure....scramble to get ready and off we go to get a referral.

So we got back home...I decided to get my sewing machine book out and read about tension. Wow...this made a huge difference. Another problem thus far...well using your bust size to cut the NOT right...who told me that and why did I not see that info was WRONG!!!? So I can shirr another piece and sew them down the sides? Or make this into a dress for a little girl...that the stitching is not so pretty on? I guess I will shirr another piece and sew on the least I can salvage it as a pool cover up?

Ps. Perrywinkle's called to say my purse was in so I picked it up (my Mother's Day purse) it totally wrong that I bought Vera and didn't make one like it myself? Oh well. I love you Cupcake Green Morgan. Thanks C.J. I love being your mommy.

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