Saturday, July 25, 2009

Friday at the ATL ZOO

Brittany & I finally took our new membership ($70 for one ID card and you can always bring a friend for under 3 are free...the math is $35.00 each for a year I call your best mom friend and get one and you can take your lunch & parking is free in Grant Park) to the Atlanta Zoo out for a test drive...we'd been waiting for it not to be soooo hot...and while it was 90 when we left at was very shaded, thus very comfortable (no sunscreen required). C.J. had not been at all...I had not been since elementary we both learned a few things.

Getting all 3 boys to look at the same time for a pic is impossible

Look I'm in a pic!

A new record I'm in 2 pics...

Ok these are actually comments heard while all the adults were just laughing..."that is very uncomfortable for those turtles" "look Mom, that turtle is trying to get up on that other turtle"

Hey Britt, you made it in a pic too!

G-Parents please remember you can click on the pics for a closer view.

Oh and finally after toting my sewing machine all over the south trying to get someone to fix it...dropped it off on the way home at the Sewing Center of Atlanta...on Barrett Parkway. They said I might get it back on Tuesday! Please Please Please Please! ! ! I am soooo far behind.

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