Saturday, August 15, 2009

On Tap

J is taking C to the Georgia Tech scrimmage this a.m. so I am lining up my sewing projects for the day:

Make a table runner for J out of disappearing 9 patches...(Moda Blossoms fabric and an old feed sack cloth)

Yes these are my first attempt at these...and wow I love them!!!

Add this brown edging to this Heather Bailey Quilt:

Cut out this quilt for B (Black and White with a "Splash" of color) Maybe I'll have it ready by Splash...but I doubt it:

Cut out this quilt for D (Hey D this is Moda Glace! ! !):

And start my new fertility meds so that we can have a chubby healthy happy baby boy that I deliver full term (all wishful thinking)...please pray for me...that it won't upset my stomach.

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Brittany said...

ohh I'm excited about my fabric!! :)